Unboxing a Mistake

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.” – Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Unconventional Gift-Giving

My boyfriend and I have never taken important dates too seriously. Our one-year anniversary was spent eating Domino’s and watching Evil Dead 2. So when our second Valentine’s Day came around, neither of us had been putting much thought into what we were going to do. Eventually the day came, and we decided to go to Walmart together, split up and buy the other person a gift. After check-out we would meet up at the exit and exchange. I wondered around for a few minutes before settling on getting him a new pillow (he’d been complaining about his for awhile). Romantic? I suppose that depends on how you’d define romance. I would argue that someone buying me a pillow because of something they’d heard me say is much more romantic than a non-personal bushel of roses.

I texted him to let him know that I was finished and found a bench near the exit, sitting on his pillow in an effort to conceal it. Around 10 minutes later, he appeared through the doors. I had expected to see come kind of bag in his hand, but instead he was holding one of those humorously large cards. we traded gifts and I will admit, I was a little disappointed. While I didn’t expect anything too grand, I had imagined I would get more than a card. He looked at me eagerly as I opened the large card and read what he’d written inside, “Just Kidding, it’s a LootCrate.”

Photo Jul 21, 1 57 09 PM

Boxed Brilliance

For those of you who may not know, LootCrate is a monthly box subscription service. Each box is roughly $14 each, shipped to you once a month. Every box has a theme and you receive nerdy items that follow it (there’s also always a t-shirt). The first box’s theme (that we received) was ‘Dead’. Items from Deadpool and The Walking Dead were inside. We are huge fans of LootCrate. It’s something that we look forward to every month. In fact, I opened this month’s box about an hour ago.

But we hadn’t really planned on getting it.

A Forgivable Error

When he’d bought a LootCrate subscription for my Valentine’s gift, Matt (the boyfriend) had gotten three months. Meaning we’d have a three awesome boxes coming our way. After that we didn’t want to get them anymore. While they’re amazing, money is a thing that we need to pay big kid bills, so we decided to cancel the service.

Only…. We forgot to do that. We were auto subscribed for another three months. Whoops.

After looking at our finances, we agreed to keep the service. We enjoyed it. So today I opened our Futuristic box. With items from MegaMan, Futurama and Star Trek, I’m very satisfied. I’m especially a fan of the monthly pin, as you can probably guess from the header picture.

Lesson Learned?

Definitely going to start checking our subscription status. But I’m kind of glad for this mistake. I got an awesome Hulk figurine out of it.


Live long and prosper, my friends!






One thought on “Unboxing a Mistake

  1. Just got mine yesterday too. I always love getting a new surprise of stuff every month. Plus a cool new T-shirt is pretty awesome. Though once I wore mine on the first day and say someone at Sam’s Club with same shirt. At least I knew he was a Loot Crater!


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