Back to the Stage

“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good” – Terrence Mann

Theater was a huge part of my life in high school

I was never big in the acting department. Behind the scenes was where I loved to be. Working tech is amazing. Lights, sound, even curtain. I remember that one of my saddest realizations when I graduated was that I would probably never do a show again.

However, opportunity has knocked.

There’s a small community theater in my town. I’ve known about it for a while, but had never had the opportunity to see a show, let alone be a part of one.

Recently I saw that the theater was holding auditions for their next show, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. I decided to audition. Being the anxious individual that I am , I decided to email the director of the show, asking what to expect and relaying the fact that I hadn’t done any kind of theater in a few years. As an aside, I mentioned that if I wasn’t to get a part, I would love to do tech. A few days later, I was emailed with the scenes, details, etc.

And suddenly…

About 10 minutes after, I received another email from the Stage Manager, saying that, because she has to replace her Assistant SM, she’d like to offer me the job.

I immediately said yes.

I’m returning to a love. Back to sprinting backstage, late nights and taking a ton of notes. When I recieved the script yesterday, I will admit that my eyes got a little misty. Today are auditions and I greatly look forward to seeing the talent that Stillwater has to offer.

Go see a play. Audition for a part. Run lights.

Support and participate in one of the greatest joys humankind has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Stage

  1. Congrats on the backstage job! 🙂 I have the same sort of relationship with tennis: I love it and was involved in high school, but I needed to move on. And now, a few years later, going back and playing again is both magical and fun. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than rekindling an old passion for something!

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