A Love for Higher Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

I’ve always liked school.

Yes, I am one of those people.

While things got a little jumbled in middle school and high school, mostly due to the raging beast that is puberty, my enjoyment for education has persisted.

As I approach my junior year of college, I can’t wait to get started. My schedule is great, all of my friends that don’t live in the city full time are coming back and I get to step back onto the campus that I love so much (Plus football season is quickly approaching. Go Pokes!)

For those who may not be aware, I’m an English Literature undergrad, hoping to go to grad school to get my PhD.

I’ve finally gotten most of my Gen Ed’s out of the way, so now my schedule is loaded with things I actually want to learn about.

The Amazing Class Schedule of College Kourtney

Introduction to Creative Writing– All English majors are required to take either technical or creative writing. I think creative will suit me best. With J.K. Rowling being a personal hero of mine, I’d like to step into the fiction world a little more.

African-American Literature– I’ve had this professor before and she is amazing. This is her specialty, so I’m very excited to see her teach what she’s truly passionate about.

Savage Worlds, Savage People- An English class all about savagery. With readings such as Tarzan and Last of the Mohicans, this class promises to be very interesting.

Latin III– My third, and potentially last, semester of Latin. Dead Language? Yes. Worth studying? Absolutely!

Introduction to World Religions– I am extremely excited for this one. Most of my look into world religions comes from the internet of the random book I find. Learning from an actual expert will be amazing.


School starts in roughly 3 weeks and I’m sitting on go. I have an opportunity to learn about things I love from some truly amazing individuals. To all of my fellow students, good luck with your studies! Take advantage of the opportunities you have been presented with.

And to those who are no longer in school, never stop learning.



5 thoughts on “A Love for Higher Education

  1. I agree…. I too want to learn about the world religions but sadly I’m going to be doing my engineering!
    I have nominated you for ‘one lovely blog award ‘ if you wish to accept it , then please do check my blog 😘


  2. Awesome schedule! I was a biology and literary arts major and just graduated in the spring and I’m so sad I won’t be returning to school this semester. Def hitting up grad school after working for a couple of years, but I too love school. If ya ever wanna chat abt books or creative writing, hit me up 💕


  3. I have never been academically minded, but I love learning so much. I’m constantly teaching myself new things all the time. I’ve done a bunch of online courses in tons of subjects. I’m super grateful for the internet and how many resources are available. I’ve actually managed to learn more out of school than I did in school, haha. It’s great seeing how passionate you are! All your classes sound so interesting. Good luck with everything 😊


  4. Hello!
    I just read through your post and it’s absolutely charming! I really love your style of writing, and we’ve a lot of common interests (J.K. Rowling, writing, studying languages). I’m a rising junior myself and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts as the year progresses.
    Drop by my blog if you get the chance: http://www.espritalhurra.wordpress.com
    See ya!

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