“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

My boyfriend and I are huge dog people. We were both surrounded by the beasts through-out our childhoods, and we both left behind some family pets when we decided to move in together.

Never having lived outside of our parent’s homes (other than in dorms, but that only kind of counts), we decided we needed to get our lives in order before we got our first dog. We were navigating real adult life for the first time: Bills, groceries, actually having to clean things without being told. It was best for us to take some time to adjust to grown-up life before introducing a dog to our weird lives.

But, like most well thought out plans, it didn’t happen that way.

While scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a dog up for adoption in a shelter where a friend of mine worked. A beautiful Husky, within our weight limit, with beautiful blue eyes. I immediately told the boyfriend, as Huskies are his favorite kind of dog.

“What do you want to do?”

We looked over our finances and agreed, while it was sooner than planned, we had both the money and the time to bring this dog home. I filled out the adoption application, show the dogs picture to anyone who would listen, and patiently waited to hear the verdict.

We didn’t get it.

A family had applied before us. First come, first served.

After that, we pondered what to do. We had worked out the budget for a dog. We wanted a dog. We decided to start looking. In my spare time, I would scroll through websites for local shelters, rescues and ‘Animals for Sale’ Facebook pages. We had a simple criteria:


Dog suitable for apartment living

Between the ages of 1-6 years old

Weight limit: 40 pounds

No breeders: Rescues and Adoptions only

We decided to look for awhile, not rush things. What was the hurry?

And then one night…

I’m scrolling through an Oklahoma dog listing Facebook page, when a face pops up before me


The person trying to find her a home stated that they’d had her for about a month an needed her gone soon. She was very friendly and between 1-2 years old. I mentioned the dog to Boyfriend, showed him her picture and told him I would contact the person with her. I expressed interest and said I’d like to come see her on Sunday (it was currently Thursday night). The woman let me know that she was leaving for out-of-town on Sunday and needed her gone before then. Boyfriend and I were busy Friday and Saturday.

If we wanted to meet her, it had to be tonight. If we wanted to adopt her, it had to be tonight.

We discovered that getting to her would take about two hours of driving, just to get there. It was already 7pm. So of course, we did it. Without ever having met this dog, we drove two hours to the Oklahoma-Arkansas border, picked her up and brought her home.

Hawk was named as soon as we got her in the car. And yes, she is a she. She’s named after one of our favorite anime characters: A talking pig named Hawk. She’s a dog, named after a pig, named after a bird.


Hawk has been in our family for about two months. We’ve completely potty trained her, taught her to sit and what ‘No’ means. I’m glad we didn’t get the husky. I’m glad we drove over four hours to pick up some mystery dog. I’m glad for every single star that aligned for us to get her, because I couldn’t imagine our lives without this little blanket-thief.





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