The Inner World of Planning

Because of my general life anxiety, I’m a planner person. Over the summer, I don’t really need one. I can usually keep everything in my head. However, the school year is a different story.

I have always been busy.

Class, speech, debate, work, theater practice, leadership organizations, etc, etc, etc….

So, I keep a schedule. And why not do that in a super cute planner? It being late July, I knew that I needed to find a new planner soon to get it by the beginning of school (August 15th). After about an hour of research, I decided on the Plum Paper planner. They offer an hourly breakdown, which is great for super busy people, but it doesn’t look cluttered at all. The one I chose is show in my cover picture, however the name will be my actual name, Kourtney, and not the name that will now terrify me forever. Thanks, Orphan.


Before I had locked down my choice of planner, I reached out to the knowledgeable people on my Facebook friends list, asking them what planners they use. This is when a family friend of mine chimed in, stating that she made planner accessories. I checked out her Etsy and my life has changed.

Planner accessories will change your life. 

I have entered a rabbit hole, my friends, and I don’t think that I can get out.

There are stickers for everything.

Football Season, Game of Thrones night, road trips or grocery shopping. Whatever random event you need to be reminded of, there’s a sticker set for that. plus cut paper clips, tapes, buttons, WHATEVER.

Someone stop me.

My Etsy wishlist has grown massive, with pages of stickers dominating it. And while some of them, like the Game of Thrones stickers, are a little unnecessary, I have discovered some insanely useful ones, such as ‘Paper Due’ stickers, ‘Bills Due’ stickers and ones that remind your to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

For those of you that love planners, you probably know all of this. I apologize, I’m new to the game. I’m so excited for my planner to arrive so I can start putting decorations all over it.

Also, all of the pictures above are from my friend’s Etsy store, My Queen Bee Designs. She has so many great options and I’m sure that my next paycheck will definitely just be deposited into her Paypal. Please check her out if this is your sort of thing. FacebookInstagram

Thank you for listening to my planner ramblings. Expect an update the second my new obsession arrives.



7 thoughts on “The Inner World of Planning

    • I’ve tried digital calendars and I hate them. When it comes to organizing my life, I need something tangible. I need to write a date down and have it in front of my face. Plugging it into a phone gives me no sense of peace.


  1. I’m a write down everything girl. I think actually putting it to paper helps it to stick in the brain. Or maybe I just like looking at my own handwriting.


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