Some Days I Worry

Here are some things I worry about:

  • The weather
  • The status of my hair
  • Money
  • My dog
  • School
  • Not being right for my major
  • Forgetting to call my family
  • Pokemon Go
  • Spam emails
  • Spelling things incorrectly in public posts
  • Getting into grad school
  • The dirtiness of my apartment
  • My paycheck
  • Succeeding at work
  • Traffic
  • The general success or failures of my goals and dreams

But today. Today, I am not worrying. 

We’ve paid the bills for the month, purchased food to feed ourselves and have some spare cash left over. I’ve spent a lot of time with friends recently, and have plans to do so again tomorrow. My family is good. My dog is good. The weather is consistent.

For my fellow worriers, I’m right there with you. Keep your heads up. We got this.


5 thoughts on “Some Days I Worry

  1. Have you ever seen the quote “if you’re depressed, you’re living in the past and if you’re anxious you’re living in the future.” For me it’s a daily struggle to live in the present. To be grounded in the here and now. I’m glad you’re not worried today. Hope it continues.


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