The Beauty of Podcasts: My Top Choices

I started working at my first ‘adult job’ in may. I became a student worker for the Oklahoma State University Foundation in the Donor Relations department. Basically, the OSU Foundation deals with all donations made to the university and helps manage them. Donor Relations keeps in touch with the donors by sending them reports on their donations and scholarships, sending thank you letter and generally being the donors connection to the Foundation. As a student worker, I basically assist the entire team. Plus, I have a computer….With two monitors. 

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Now, something I’ve discovered about office work…. It can be a little tedious. Some days are just filled with entering information into excel or sorting documents, and the mindless work can often leave you a little numb.

So I began searching for things to occupy my mind. Music, Netflix, etc. Music was good for a little bit, but eventually, I’d get tired of it. Netflix was okay, but I couldn’t really watch anything because of my working, and just listening to shows isn’t great. And then I remembered the Podcast App on my phone.

Since remembering that Podcasts exist, I have found A TON that I really enjoy and that I listen to all week. They’re great ways to pass the time, and often come in hour-ish long segments. There’s a podcast out there for every interest you could think of. Plus, they’re free. 

Here’s a small list of some of my favorite podcasts:

(Disclaimer: Most of the podcasts on this list will be True Crime podcasts. True crime is a small obsession of mine. However, I will try to add some not-murdery ones to the list.)

1. Serial


Serial took the world by storm. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, Serial breaks down a crime over multiple episodes. The second season finished in March, however, it was the first season that truly captivated listeners. Looking into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, Serial took the audience down a rabbit hole of what if, whodunit, and ultimately asked the question: Did the person who was convicted for the murder actually do it? If true crime is interesting to you at all, definitely check out this one.

2. Science VS.







Science VS takes a belief, idea or even an item, and compares it to science. Medical Marijuana, Attachment Parenting and Guns have all been looked at by Science VS. With a bubbly host as well as hard facts, Science VS may definitely change your view.

3. Thinking Sideways


Thinking Sideways is all about mystery. While I particularly enjoy the unsolved murders and mysterious disappearances, the hosts also look at UFO Sightings and discuss the legitimacy of Bigfoot. A great podcast for the people who love a good mystery.

4. Last Podcast on the Left


This one is not for the faint of heart. The hosts are vulgar, wildly inappropriate and HILARIOUS. They tackle all topics weird and gross: Serial Killers, Manifestos and Witch Hunts. Despite their antics, they do a great job of getting the facts straight. They aren’t afraid to tell the whole story of something, often dedicating multiple episodes to the bigger tales. If you can handle them, you will thoroughly enjoy this podcast.

5. Good Job, Brain!


Good Job, Brain! is for the trivia nerds. Hosted by a group of friends who do bar trivia together, this podcast features quiz shows, weird trivia and will make you shout out answers while working at your desk (believe me). If you love rattling off random trivia to your friends, this podcast is definitely for you.

6. My Favorite Murder


In my opinion, I have saved the best for last. My Favorite Murder brought me into the world of podcasts. Hosted by comedians/writers Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, MFM tackles a very harsh subject, murder, with a light and funny tone. Now I will say, it is not for everyone. Once a week, the ladies each tell the story of a murder that they find fascinating. However, this podcast is a COMEDY podcast, so just know that there are jokes and laughter sprinkled in with the talks of murder. If this bugs you, this one might not be for you. However, MFM provides a place for true crime loving weirdos to come together. With a massive Facebook group, constant fan shout outs and the women reading listener submitted hometown murders, My Favorite Murder is a weird family for anyone who loves to hear about murder.


While I’m sure a lot of you have very different tastes than I do, I’m sure you can find at least one podcast in this bunch that you will enjoy. And if you don’t, I still encourage you to search out podcasts on topics you love. Movies, music, politics, technology, history, WHATEVER. There is a podcast for everything out there.


Thanks for stopping by and happy listening. XX


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Podcasts: My Top Choices

  1. I LOVED Serial, hahaha. Since I first listened to it I’m completely addicted to podcasts. I’m curious about Last Podcast On The Left and My Favorite Murder. I will definitely try those out!

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