I’m Dating My Best Friend

I’ll start by saying that I’m dating my MALE best friend. My female, and A+, way cooler than Matt, best friend is named Morgan and no one is more of my best friend than she is. Luh u, boo.



Matt, the boyfriend, and I will celebrate our two year anniversary in November. When we first started dating, I don’t think anyone had ever pictured us together. We had been friends for ~4 years. We were bros. And now the bros were romantically involved. So that was weird.

It wasn’t a planned thing. When we first met, I didn’t think, “I’m gonna date that guy one day.” He was smart and funny. We got a long really well, and had a little friend group that we were apart of. We didn’t hang out to flirt with each other, we didn’t try to act cool around each other. It was easy, because we were friends.

So when we decided to become more than friends, I was nervous. You hear a ton of horror stories of friendships being ruined after people try to transition. But we did it. And we’re still together, so that’s cool.

Photo May 02, 5 15 42 PM

I’m a firm believer in friends first. As friends, you see the actual person, not the pretty shell they put on when they’re trying to attract others. I made stupid jokes in front of him, told him my embarrassing stories and wasn’t afraid to disagree with him. Friends are real with each other. I knew Matt. When we started dating, I got to see the more romantic side of him, but I knew that we got along, that we clicked.

We have a very honest relationship. We tell it to each other straight. After the honeymoon phase was over, and I stopped wearing as much make-up, we were still solid because he already knows what I look like when I’m tired or mad. He knows how angry I get when I hear Delilah (the radio host) come on my radio (Don’t even get me started on this woman). While we’ve learned more about each other since moving in together, there weren’t any large, deal breaking surprises.


I’m not saying that all friend to dating relationships work. I’ve experienced it when it hasn’t. But when it does work, it’s pretty great. Is it weird that I call my best friend ‘Babe’ now? A little. But I spent my times with a person I truly love, on multiple levels. And that’s pretty great.


5 thoughts on “I’m Dating My Best Friend

  1. So sweet! I’m with you. We weren’t friends for long first but we were definitely friends first and you’re right when you’re focused on someone as a friend it’s different and that honesty has helped us a lot.

    Happy Anniversary!

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