I Call My Mom A Lot

I definitely talk to my mom at least once a day. It might be a 20 minute conversation or me calling to ask how to cook something. Regardless of the topic or length of the conversation, we definitely talk once a day. In college I learned that this is kind of weird.

My boyfriend once told me that I talk to my mom a lot. I said, “Nah, just once a day.”

“That’s weird.”

As we talked, he told me he doesn’t talk to his mom nearly as much as I do. Not because anything is wrong, just because they only call when they have something to talk about. My mother and I, however, always have something to talk about. The maternal side of my family is full of talkers. We yell over each other, argue a lot and always think we’re right. But because of this loud, opinionated gene that my mother gave me, I could call her at any time of the day and have something to talk about.

Here are a few things I have called my mother for:

  • “Will you dog sit my Hawk over Spring Break?”
  • “How do I make baked potatoes in the microwave?”
  • ” Did you hear what            did?”
  • “Did you ever forget me anywhere when I was a baby?”
  • “I just paid my bills and I hate my life.”
  • “I don’t understand why Stillwater doesn’t have a Target, yet we have TWO Walmarts.”
  • “Turn around, I’m waving at you. I recognized your butt.”
  • “My coworkers wanted me to let you know that you did a good job Mom-ing me.”
  • “I can’t believe you sold me out to the Mary Kay Lady. I’m having a party now. Thanks a lot.”

And While I’ve called my mom for some weird reasons, she does the exact same thing.

Here are a few things my mother had called me for:

  • “How do I catch a Pokemon?”
  • “You need to come home so I have someone with me who also appreciates Sample Day (at Sam’s).”
  • “Are you 20?” (Yes… Yes I am)
  • “Do you think your cousin would like the ‘Go the F*ck to Sleep’ book for her baby shower?”
  • “How do I get more PokeBalls?”
  • “Did you hear what           did?”
  • “I’m making mini frittatas.”
  • “How’s my grand-dog?”

Do we always talk about important things? Nope. Do we have to call each other all the time? Not at all. But we want to. 

My mom and I are total bros. I was her first born, and she was 19 when she had me, so we have a very close relationship. I don’t call her because I feel obligated to, I call her because I want to. I genuinely enjoy the conversations that we have.

I talked to my mom on the way to work this morning. We talked about our weekend plans, our family and the election. And I’ll probably talk to her again after she reads this. Hi mom!

Moral of the story: It’s not weird to talk to your mom everyday if your mom is awesome.



11 thoughts on “I Call My Mom A Lot

  1. Me and my mum are so close that she often says I’m still connected to the womb lol😂if I’m ever away from home I’m always calling her. If I was on a bus I’d just sit and talk to her on the phone😂I love being close with my Mum so much!!💘

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  2. Very endearing story. You are lucky to have that kind of relationship with her 🙂 I appreciate my mom as a person, in an objective sort of way. I acknowledge that she has many good qualities, and that if it wasn’t for her and my dad, I wouldn’t be here. But unfortunately, we don’t have that closeness and calling each other really is about something that someone needs. Cherish the closeness you have, some people may call it “weird” but it’s actually quite lovely.

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