Tea Time


Growing up in the south, I exclusively drank sweet tea.  Classic bagged black tea with a mountain of sugar mixed in.   It wasn’t until I was in high school that I discovered other kinds of teas existed.  Loose leaf tea blew my mind.  

On a trip to the mall one day, I discovered Teavana, a loose leaf tea franchise that features stores all over the country.  There were so many types of tea: Oolong, black, blooming.   My whole world opened up. 

Since that initial discovery, my tea tastes have expanded tenfold.  I have at least 15 different types currently in my house and a cup of black lemon currently in my lap. Tea is one of the great comforts in life.   

I truly think that tea soothes the soul.  

Tired, sad, cold, excited, whatever.  There’s a tea for that.   I greatly look forward to the cold months when drinking tea brings a different kind of comfort. But for now, I’ll just bump up the air conditioner and sip.  


4 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. I’m addicted to tea (there are currently five boxes of different tea flavours next to me). I tend to drink it more in fall and winter but I LOVE tea with a passion.

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