Pisces Horoscope + My Life 

First off, I don’t really believe in horoscopes. For me, they’re more of a fun thing to look at.  With that, here we go. 

September 3, 

“Money is probably on your mind now, Pisces. A desire for increased financial security could force you to look for work or investments that would pay off big. Opportunities for one or both of these are likely to come through friends, perhaps someone with whom you’ve worked before. You’re likely to accomplish what you want for now, but it’s uncertain whether you’ll continue on this path in the future.”
Well they got that money thing right. Yesterday, someone stole my boyfriend and my’s clothes out of the laundry room at our apartment complex.  While we still have clothes, a lot of our favorites+some essentials were taken.  Now we’ll have to make a not fun shopping trip to replace what we’ve lost.  This has been the cherry on top of a pretty bad week for me.

Bright side: I have an excuse to buy new clothes. I never shop. I hate spending the money.  And now I just have to.  

This week has been a test.  But thankfully it’s almost over.  

Press on, lovelies xx


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