Appreciation: Oklahoma State University 

I started college in the fall of 2014. I was very nervous, being a first generation college student my family and I were treading new waters. I applied to 5 schools, got accepted to 5 schools and had to make a decision. Though, it wasn’t really a hard decision

My parents are huge University of Oklahoma fans. I was basically raised in Sooner Nation.I lived in the town right next to the college and all of southern Oklahoma is basically Sooner devout.   I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to go to the University of Oklahoma. 

I didn’t apply to University of Texas (because I didn’t want to be completely disowned) so I went for OU’s second rival: Oklahoma State University.

About an hour and fifteen minutes from my home, OSU is close enough to where I can visit whenever I’d like, but far enough that I’m actually away from home. The city of Stillwater is amazing, both small and large with tons of locally owned shops and restaurants mixed in among Old Navy’s and Ihop’s. The people, whether they be locals or students, are kind, generous and all strive to put their best foot forward. School spirit is the lifeblood of most everyone here, with OSU flags posted in many a front yard (Go Pokes!)

I love my school. I love my town. I’m so happy to be a Cowboy.


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