17 Things I Hope to Do Better in 2017 (and You Should Too)

Yes, another 2017 post. I’m sure you’ve read a million of these by now, but I think there’s a reason for that. 2016 was a hard year for a lot of people, and not just because of the election or celebrity deaths. Because of that, plus the simple fact that it’s a new year, people are hoping to change things: their lives, their surroundings and even themselves. I’m among this group. I did a lot of things in 2016 that I’d like to do better in 2017. So here they are.

1. Read for fun

Because I’m majoring in Literature, I read A LOT. I read 14 novels last semester. And while I enjoyed many of them, I haven’t read for fun in far too long. While I know it might be difficult to juggle required with recreational when it come to my books, I really hope to make a little more time for the things I want to read by choice.


2. Wash your face before you go to bed


I know, I know. Makeup/dirt/whatever collects in your pores and makes you breakout blahblahblah. I’m gonna try to be better. I promise.

3. Do homework before the day before it’s due

Being a person who writes a TON of essays, procrastination is not my friend.


4. Walk for 30 minutes every day

Wake up early. Walk. Kick that day’s ass. Done.

5. Vacuum once a week

Being a 20-something means that I don’t vacuum until I can physically see something wrong with my floor. It’s time to teach that dog hair who’s boss.


6. Fold your laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

I have a tendency to leave clean clothes in the basket long enough to accumulate enough dirty clothes to go into that same basket. I need to give my hangers some love.

7. Get over $1000 into a savings account


A goal I think most young adults should have. For emergencies, Christmas shopping, etc. A buffer in your savings account can do you wonders

8. Switch from coffee creamer to Half and Half

Though I’ll miss the sweet, calorie filled creamer that I’ve come to know and love, my waistline will thank me for this one

9. Wear socks that match

While I was a die-hard sock mismatcher for years, it feel pretty adult to walk around in socks that match. Even if they have Darth Vader on them…. Which mine definitely might…

10. Try a new recipe (or 2 or 17)


Branching out in your cooking can be scary, semi-expensive and even difficult. However, it is worth it if you can come out on the other side with an amazing dish that gives you bragging rights for weeks on Facebook.

11. Craft something

I’m gonna shoot for a scarf. But cross stitch or a painting works. Even macaroni art counts!

12. Listen to a few new bands

You always hear about those people that ‘saw Led Zeppelin before they got big’. Be that person! See the whoever before they get big!

13. Hang out with people you’ve missed


I technically started doing that last year, connecting with an old friend. I highly recommend it.

14. Call your family

This is a little deep, but believe me: You’ll regret it when they’re gone so do it while you can.

15. Get dressed up on a normal day


2016 was a bad year on my body-confidence. So I’m going to force myself to remember how beautiful I am. And you are too. Remember that.

16. Do a crossword to completion

Don’t give up! You know words! (Maybe don’t use pen though..)

17. Allow happiness in


As a person with depression, it is hard to accept happiness. As soon as it comes, I start looking for the part of the sky that could potentially fall. This year, I hope to embrace the happiness that I have.


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