Preparing for the Spring Semester

Last night I had a dream that I couldn’t find any of my classes for the new semester. Panicking, I frantically attempted to look up my schedule on my phone, but the normal links seemed to be gone. I could hear the bell for the start of the next period ring. Then the 5-minute-late bell. I tried to remember what room I was looking for. Eventually, I woke up, took in the surroundings of my bedroom and immediately wrote my new class schedule into my planner.


There were, of course, some dream-like qualities to my environment, including the fact that I was in my old high school versus at my university, but the fear was still very real. With school starting back in a little over a week, I think this dream was my brain’s way of telling me it’s time to start getting my sh!t together for the upcoming semester. The holidays have happened and it’s time to put my big-girl pants on again.

Since MLK Day falls on the Monday we’re supposed to start, we’ll range this semester in on a Tuesday. My first class will be my Writing Creative Non-Fiction. As an English Literature major, I still have to take a few writing credits. I started last semester with Intro to Creative Writing and will further my writing journey by dipping into Non-Fiction. My professor has published a memoir before, so I think it’ll be an interesting class.

Also on Tuesday, Philosophy of Race. I’ve heard amazing things about this one and it is the one and only class that I will get to take with Boyfriend. As an engineer, he needs to take a humanities so we’ll be in this one together.

For Wednesday, I’ll have The Modern West, which is a history class and then, my most anticipated class, Murder Will Out, a literature class focused on detective fiction. Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, all in one class. Plus, the professor, while a little eccentric, is amazing. I had him last semester. He is difficult, frustrating and I learned so much I thought my brain was going to explode. I can’t wait to see what he has in store this semester.


Finally, my computer class is all online. Which means I’ll probably forget about it a lot. I need to leave Post-Its everywhere to remind me that it exists….

With my planner full of class times, there’s only a few more things I need to get together and I’ll be ready to head into the second semester of my junior year. It’s pretty insane to think that in a little over a year, I’ll be a college graduate.

Good luck to those of you heading back/already back. Kick this semester’s ass!


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