13 Things I Took for Granted Before I Moved Out

1. Consistent shower temperatures9a7e3660-b39f-0132-46ae-0e9062a7590a.gif

Fighting my shower has just become a part of life. From shivering to flinching away from the boiling heat, being able to just enjoy a shower has become a thing of a past.

2. Clean sheets just being there


No more Mom reminding me to clean my sheets. Wait… When’s the last time I… Yeah, it’s probably time to clean my sheets.

3. Food magically appearing every week or so


Things I’m currently out of: Bread, milk, eggs, edible food.

4. Having a washer and dryer inside the house


Walk to laundry facilities, deposit laundry, return an hour later, switch, return an hour later, lug back to upstairs apartment, cry, repeat.

5. Laundry being free


Need clean clothes for school tomorrow? That’ll be $3 please.

6. Not having to drive to literally everywhere


Passenger seat, I miss you so much.

7. Going to the movies


I could spend $10 on a ticket to the movies… Or I could do three loads of laundry and buy a pack of gum. Damn you, responsibility.

8. Having someone to take care of me when I’m sick


Making your own soup and riving yourself to CVS to buy NyQuil reeeeeally sucks.

9. Cable TV


With thing like Netflix, buying cable seems obsolete. But man I miss those Dr. Phil marathons.

10. Having enough people around to play a real board game


There’s only so many games you can play with two people.

11. Backyards


I mean, I could sit at the picnic table in the common area. But it’ll never be the same as my back patio at home.

12. Going out to eat


Now every restaurant trip is filled with guilt and regret.

13. Vacuumed floors


Sometimes I forget that vacuuming is a thing that adults do. Sorry, carpet.


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