Two Okies in California 

Look out San Francisco Bay, we have arrived! After 24 hours of driving, weird Airbnb hosts and non-stop Hispanic radio stations, we have finally settled in Oakland, California, our home for the next two months.

Hawk enjoying her first view of California

The drive itself had its ups and downs (and not just because we were driving through the mountains 😏). Long stints with no radio stations and a sleeping co-pilot often made it feel as if we were stuck in some never ending time loop. However, the scenery was nice, transitioning between mountains and deserts beautifully. Thankfully we have been through Arizona and New Mexico before, so we didn’t have to skip any big sights. When we finally reached California, we still had eight hours of driving ahead of us. Someone told us we would feel like we were in California forever, and they were definitely right.

All smiles on our way through Cali

Southern California is no joke. Everything is high: tensions, temperatures and gas prices.  I was so relived to finally start seeing orchards and grass again as we ventured North. Pulling into the driveway of our new home was both a blessing and a curse.  We had finally arrived, but we quickly discovered we have no idea how to park on the 90 degree hills littering Northern California. HILLS EVERYWHERE. But I’ll write about that later. Onto our accommodations!

Ney Farm is a gem.  Unassumingly seated on an average Oakland street, the house hosts a small farm out back, with chickens, flowers and fruit trees.  Five of the six bedrooms hold people like us: travelers, renting the space. The last room belongs to the house manager, Benjamin, a man who can stand on his head and loves French press coffee. The house is covered in windows, most of which are always open due to the lack of air conditioning (Northern Californians are weird). Hawk loves the windows, of course.

After we settled into our room, we ventured out for a bite to eat, choosing a restaurant in Oakland called Homeroom, a school themed restaurant that serves fancy mac and cheeses. It was delicious.

We’re now on day 4. Matt’s hard at work with computers and such. I’m attempting to keep our little space clean and our weird dog entertained.  My goal is to write about our adventures twice a week.

Final thought on the first few days: California gas prices are too damn high.


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