Missing Oklahoma 

Well, it happened. I never think it will, but it always does.  I miss Oklahoma. 

img_0536While California has been very kind to us, I’m starting to miss the summer storms, delicious barbecue and familiar faces of the good ole OK. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy we came out here.  We’re only halfway through and have experiences ton of new things. For example:

Delicious food

photo jul 08, 1 20 58 pmphoto jul 08, 1 01 37 pmAmazing shopping 

photo jul 06, 1 23 47 pm (1)photo jul 06, 2 01 04 pm (1)Beautiful scenery 

photo jul 06, 2 40 07 pmphoto jul 07, 1 41 22 pm

However, there are a lot of things that definitely distinguish Cali from home. First of all, I’m missing my Fam-Bam.  While I still live an hour away from everyone when I’m home, this distance has definitely been difficult. Of course I call very frequently to check in, but nothing can beat a real, face to face visit with the people you love.


After my family, I’d definitely say I miss the apartment A LOT. My bed, my couches, my kitchen. I miss our quirky posters and messy bedroom. You really can’t put a price on living alone (with Matthew, of course). It will be a great day when I can once again walk to my kitchen with no pants on. img_0061

Finally, and this will seem weird to anybody who’s never lived there, but I miss Stillwater. Stilly has its own unique, indescribable charm. Local shops, low traffic and beautiful sunsets, Stillwater will have a piece of my heart no matter where I end up. The city has my favorite school, my favorite coworkers and my favorite grocery store (Don’t worry Neighborbooh Market, we’ll be back soon).  I cannot wait to see the ‘Welcome to Stillwater’ sign when we get home. It  really is a truly special place.

Photo May 09, 8 22 06 PMimg_0534I feel extremely thankful for the oppurtunity we have had. To be able to experience a place like Northern California for such an extended period of time.  However, I am pretty homesick.  I’m excited to get back to the plains, where it actually rains and where I can get a home cook meal from my mama whenever I want.  Only another month, Oklahoma. We’ll see y’all soon!


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