Hawk’s 5 Favorite Spots in California

While Matt and I have had some great experiences in Cali, we can’t forget about an equally important member of our family: Hawk. As our partner in crime, Hawk follows us everywhere. Lunch on the terrace at Forge, a trip to the ocean, or just cooking dinner, she is always somewhere under foot.  Of course, she enjoys some places more than others. So, because I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know, I have compiled a list of Hawk’s five favorite places in California!

1. The windows in our house 

You can’t put a price on a good view and no one knows this better than Hawk-o.  Because our house relies on breezes to cool the place down, there are large, open windows everywhere.  Hawks personal favorites are the upstairs kitchen window, which has a lovely view of San Francisco, and our bedroom, a perfect place to stare at the chickens in the backyard.

2. The Ocean 

Hawk was definitely apprehensive when we first stepped onto the beach at Fort Funston.  An off-leash dog beach, Fort Funston was COVERED in canines. After we unclipped her, Hawk stayed close for a while but quickly acclimated to her new, free range environment and began sprinting in every direction. While she was not a huge fan of the waves, the other pups as well as ability to break into a dead run anytime she liked definitely helped Hawk fall in love with the ocean.

3. The Patio at Forge

After a walk through an outdoor market, Matt and I stumbled upon Forge, a pizza place in Jack London Square with the best cheese curds I have ever had.  Because we’d brought Hawk along, we sat on their massive patio which, much to Hawk’s delight, has many other furry friends on it.  To our right was a group of women with two dogs, a Yorkie and a Labrador (yes, the difference in size was hilarious).  Not only did Hawk get to sniff some new doggies, she also got some love from the other owners. Also, as is common anytime we eat near Hawk, she got scraps galore, from cheese curds to pizza crust. Hawk loves to join us on human outings, especially when it involves food.

4. The car 

While Hawk loves the car no matter where we are, California drives are something special. New smells, new sights and amazing breezes. Plus, she knows that every time we hop in the car, there will be people who want to pet her wherever we go.  Hawk is cute and she knows it.

5. Next to us 

This may be a cop-out, but whatever.  No matter where we go, Hawk always sticks by our side. While new people and new dogs are cool, we are still Hawk’s biggest fans. From California to Oklahoma, we always have our co-pilot with us. I’m so thankful we were able to bring our pup with us on this adventure.


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