A New Addition 

After a year of being a three unit household, Matt and I are adding a new canine to the mix.  Everyone, meet Bella!

We first met Bella, a seven-year-old poodle, schnauzer mix, when we moved into our new home for the summer. One of the other tenants was her owner. She definitely was not a social dog, hiding in her room and scuttling away any time she heard us (or Hawk) headed up the stairs. Slowly, she grew used to us all, especially me. Because Matt works on weekdays, I stay at home, hanging out with Hawk. Bella’s owner also worked during the day, so she slowly began coming out to see me. First, just outside of her door, then into the kitchen when I cooked. Finally, she’d sprint down the stairs every morning, barking at my bedroom door until I let her in. She also warmed to Matt, happily welcoming the new treats and attention.

 Of course I’d noticed the new attitude Bella exhibited, but apparently so did her owner.  One afternoon, he knocked on our door and asked if we’d like to adopt her.  Apparently, Bella had previously been abused by a man. Therefore, she was more hesitant and distant around males. Her previous owner quickly realized this and had been hoping to find her a home she would be more comfortable in. After thinking it over, Matt and I knew we couldn’t leave her behind.  We are so happy to welcome Bella into our weird little family (even though the bed is much more crowded now). 

Five Facts about Bella:

1. She’s afraid of tennis balls

2. She’s graying around her snout and eyes 

3. She HATES when Hawk tries to eat her food

4. She likes to stay right next to you at the dog park 

5. She sleeps right up next to our heads. No matter how many times we scoot her away. 

Five Fun Bella Nicknames:

1. Bells

2. Hells Bells

3. Belly

4. Bellasaurus Rex

5. Belloni 
We can’t wait to bring Bella back to Oklahoma. New tag, new toys, new home. Plus she’ll be able to experience the abundant amounts of grass in the plains, which I’m sure will be a nice change of pace from the dead lawns of Northern California. 

It’s crazy to think that we are now a two dog family.  We have had a blast with Hawk and are excited that she will now have a sister. Yes, we will have to buy more food. Yes, that’s double the poop to pick up. But the copious amounts of love, cuddles and happiness we will surely experience with two pups is definitely worth it. 


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